Outreach to Outcomes: Activating Patients Lowers Costs

Our free webinar, “Outreach to Outcomes: Activating Patients Lowers Costs” broadcast on Wednesday, Oct 5th addressed how digital self-management programs have proven effective in preventing or delaying chronic conditions, and that translates to lower health care costs. Hear from experts on state-of-the-art consumer engagement processes that get results. You can watch the webinar in its […]

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Learn how to use digital solutions to lower your employee health care costs

Sponsored by Canary Health and Population Health Alliance Our free webinar, “Managing the Cost of Public Employees with Chronic Conditions: Evaluating, Implementing and Contracting Digital Self-Management Support Programs” broadcast on Wednesday, July 27th addressed how digital self management support programs can reduce employee healthcare costs. Attendees learned from panelists in the public sector how they […]

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BREAKING NEWS: Health Net® Collaborates with Canary Health® to offer Free Online Caregiver Support Program Latest News
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